Thursday, July 24, 2014

The feel good movie of summer.

Now in theaters!
Last weekend I saw the movie Chef and it was wonderful. A movie I'd "heard good things about" (from who or where I couldn't say!) come Saturday evening, Dr. H, my inlaws and I rode the rotten tomato positive review train straight to the theater and I'm pleased to report that Chef did not disappoint.

Written, produced, directed by, and starring Jon Favreau, Chef co-stars Sofia VergaraJohn Leguizamo (who is just always good in things isn't he!?)Scarlett JohanssonDustin Hoffman and Robert Downey, Jr. (a small and amusing cameo). Favreau plays a professional chef who, after a dramatic public tirade against a food critic goes viral, quits his job at a popular restaurant and returns to his home town of Miami to fix up a food truck. And though this is the plot summary you'll get on Wiki, it does not do justice to the deeply real, uplifting and beautifully acted relationships between Favreau's Chef and food (he cooks, you salivate), his friends (I need some fun loving chef buddies!), his ex-wife (Vergara finally showing range beyond Modern Family) and his son (scene stealing Emjay Anthony who was beyond endearing).  Chef is a feel good movie through and through that appealed to all the varied tastes of my viewing party.

If you're looking for the "feel good movie of the summer", I think Chef just might be it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Adorable. (I'm a tool I know. hehe. A tool. Get it!?)
Greetings humpers and welcome to your day (hehe, I'm feeling a little cheeky right now!) Merry Meri is on vacation, but no blogger worth her space on your bookmarks tab would leave you without some lovely links to get through the week AmIRight!? Happy humping!!

* I am 100% making one of these... someday.
* Well aren't you a sassy little number!?
* For those who've always had that dream about falling, this ride's for you.
* Holy crap THAT looks refreshing.
* I'm not sure I'm ready for this comeback (or will be ever).
* In addition to THESE adorable animal Insta accounts, you really should be following @OscartheFriendlyPup.
* This is hysterical (and also why I judge the general population to be frighteningly unintelligent).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This kid is a genius.
Today I have that mild headachy-burn-behind-the-eyes feeling because I've been working into the wee hours and last night also doing laundry (12:30am in the basement laundry room, totally normal) in advance of the insanely anticipated vacation I'm going on tomorrow (#JamaicanMe30 woop woooop!) I'm not complaining, because hello VACATION, but the "do it all now so vacation can be vacation" workload combined with my building excitement is making any level of focus today... interesting. And when focus is coming and going I thank the holy heavens for Pinterest. Here for your reading pleasure are some freshly mined gems from site that just keeps on giving (distractions... and procrastination... and mind numbing entertainment). Enjoy!

I'm not usually one for whites and pale pinks, but this bouquet is just stunning.

Well don't YOU just look like an out-of-this-world salty and sweet treat!?

If it could be done for just 24 hours, I'd totally do it.

Beautiful to look at and no doubt delightful to eat!

I never thought about it that way... 

I desperately want to slide on this slide.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The highlight of my weekend (a funny little story)

Not my actual suitor, but certainly an adorable alternative
Hello my lovelies and welcome to a most manic Monday (for me at least!) But I wanted to pop in and tell you a funny little story from my weekend:

It's 7:40pm and Dr. H and I are hustling down the FDR Drive in an attempt to return our rental car before the 8pm deadline. We get off at 23rd street and I curse the red light that appears just as I'm about to clear the intersection. I sit at the light as a young family, Mom and Dad (holding a small daughter) and a son, probably around 10 years old, begin to cross in front of my car. The little dude looks at me in the drivers seat, makes eye contact and then gestures and mouths "call me". There is no denying that this invitation is intended for me. I burst into a smile and ask Dr. H "did you see that!?" We both look forward again and the kid is all smiles pointing and gesturing his hand like a phone (unbeknownst to his parents walking a pace ahead) "call me". I give him my sassiest smile and a thumbs up.

That kid is gonna be a lady killer. Watch out girls.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer in a jar

This post brought to you by the fabulous (parent)thetically speaking.

Smitten Kitchen strikes again! Deb has got to be one of my top 3 favorite food bloggers. I’ve made her homemade marshmallows, banana bread, Dijon brussles sprouts among a ton others, and this is my go-to out-of-this-world chocolate frosting. I find, that with recipes at least, I’m much more prone to search out a recipe for something specific (a chicken dish, an outrageous dessert, etc) via Pinterest or Google, rather than just making a recipe on a whim because it showed up in my Bloglovin feed (<- thanks for that tip Merry Meri!). However, I saw the post on Monday and….

I made my first batch Tuesday night and I have a second batch pickling as I type. (I already had the dill, so I thought, what’s the big dill? I’ll just make some more!)

Maybe it’s the bright green color, or the fact that you store them in a mason jar, or the ease with which you make and consume them, but right now, these pickles are just the essence of summer.

What’s summer for you right now? Watermelon? Time spent outside? A cold, boozy drink? Weekends at the pool? Family trips? All of the above? (lucky duck).

For all things fabulously (parent)thetically speaking, click HERE

Thursday, July 17, 2014

American Ninja She-Warrior!

Warrior Woman
I have to confess something... about a week ago I stumbled upon the television show "American Ninja Warrior" and I couldn't look away. An obstacle course of human strength and jungle-gym-esque challenges, I watched person after person fail to swing or pull or climb their way towards an apparently big deal Las Vegas final. It was highly entertaining. And while watching I learned from just that 1 viewing, that NO woman had ever made it to the final... but then came Kasey:

This girl is a freakin BEAST! A 5-foot, 100 pound, 24 year old BEAST. Though I didn't catch the feat live, the former gymnast was a viral sensation by the time I work up this morning and after the 3rd post about her in my Facebook timeline I had to see her in action myself. Did you watch that video?! The stuff this chick does is straight up bananas. Strength and agility like WHOA. #MightyKasey.

So now I guess I'm gonna have to tune in, and I'm gonna have to cheer for this lady to leave all the other dude competitors in her dust. You go girl!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

See what they did there?
Homies! We've made it to hump day! Are you with me!? Just in case you're struggling to make it through, here are some delightful distractions from around the web. See ya on the flip side:)

* Absolutely loving these fabbbbulously unique bird prints.
* We all know that every celeb photo is retouched, but still. Wow.
* I am also often "literally dying". (via CupofJo)
* Thanks so Justina, I have a serious case of Lake Tahoe wanderlust right now...
* Wise words from Coco Chanel.
* The perfect easy updo for your next "I just can't" hairday.
* If only I could dance that well in heels...
* Ohman I'll take one of ALL of these please!!! (Pizza scissors!?! GENIUS!)